One of Mahoua Kàttan's objectives is to create a thermo solar power station at the Senegalese towns of Darou Mousty and Touba (or in any other region according to the local needs), in order to generate electricity without polluting these regions.

Why use thermo solar power plants?


The number of hours of sunshine per day in the region is quite sufficient, even during the rain season.


Opposite to photovoltaïc solar systems who directly produce electricity, thermodynamic solar systems generate heat. The heated fluids have a certain thermic inertness (capacity to store heat) which makes the thermodynamic power production less "jerky" then the photovoltaïc production. Moreover, systemes using dynamic heat storage can easily be integrated with different systems, enabling power production until several hours after sun rays have disappeared.

These centrales do not directly produce waste nor any greenhouse gas.
Also the production of the materials required to build this kind of power system is less polluting than the production of solar panels.


Meanwhile, this electricity could contribute to the creation of an artificial lake to collect rain water and reduce the consequences of the floodings during the rain season. Later, this water could be used to irrigate agriculture fields during the dry season. To be researched which (combination of) means would be most efficient in terms of implementation and maintenance costs and productivity: gutters, artificial lakes, pumps, ...

Less floodings in the towns will reduce the health risks and the power failures and boost the local economic activities, and increase the cleanness (this combined with reduction of plastic bags and sorting waste).

Plenty of projects to be defined

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